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Subject: New record of Phytophthora root rot disease of Alder from Italy
Date posted: June 01, 2001
Source: A. Santini, G.P. Barzanti, and P. Capretti. 2001. A New Phytophthora Root Disease of Alder in Italy. Plant Disease Vol. 85:560.
A new report indicates that a fungal disease caused by a hybrid Phytophthora species has been found for the first time in Italy. The disease was first found to be killing alder trees in Britain as early as 1993, and has since been found in Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Seedlings of Alder cordata (Italian alder) growing in a nursery in northern Tuscany were found infected and showed dark-stained necrosis of the bark, reduced root systems, wilting and mortality. This report from Italy represents a first record for the Mediterranean region.