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Subject: Pests found on imported bonsai in the Netherlands
Date posted: May 02, 2001
Source: EPPO Reporting Service
Regular inspections of firms in the Netherlands that import bonsai from China and Japan recently revealed infestations of insect and pathogen pests. Anoplophora chinensis (citrus longhorned beetle) and Cnidocampa flavescens (oriental moth) were found on Acer palmatum (Japanese maple). Rhizoecus hibisci (rhizoecus root mealybug) was found on Celtis sp., Serissa sp. and Zelkova sp. Infestations of Stegophora ulmea (elm black spot) on Ulmus sp. and Zelkova sp., and of Oligonychus perditus (a mite) on Juniperus sp. were also found. All of the infested plants, which were imported from either China or Japan, were treated or destroyed, eradicating the infestations.