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Subject: New pathogenic species, Fusarium foetens, on begonia elatior hybrids
Date posted: June 21, 2004
Source: Mycologia
A new disease was described on begonia elatior hybrid (Begonia x hiemalis) nurseries in The Netherlands. Fusarium foetens was designated as a new Fusarium species based on distinct pathogenicity, morphology and phylogeny. Symptoms of F. foetens included basal rot, vein yellowing and wilting. The Fusarium isolated differed morphologically from F. begoniae, the causal agent of begonia flower, leaf and stem blight as well as members of the F.oxysporum species complex. Further investigations via phylogenetic analysis suggest F. foetens represents a sister group to the F. oxysporum species complex .

For the full story see:
Schoroers, H.-J., R. P. Baayen, J. P. Meffert, J. de Gruyter, M. Hooftman, and K. O’Donnell. 2004. Fusarium foetens, a new species pathogenic to begonia elatior hybrids (Begonia x hiemalis) and the sister taxon of the Fusarium oxysporum species complex. Mycologia, 96(2), pp. 393-406.
Also online: http://www.mycologia.org/cgi/content/abstract/96/2/393