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Subject: First report of Meloidogyne ethiopica in Europe
Date posted: June 10, 2004
Source: Plant Disease: Disease Notes
Meloidogyne ethiopica Whitehead was identified on greenhouse tomatoes in Slovenia, marking the first European report of this relatively unknown root-knot nematode. Previous global distribution has been limited to Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Ethiopia. Other hosts of M. ethiopica consist of soybean, tobacco, pepper, cowpea, bean, cabbage, pumpkin, and lettuce. Morphological features of M. ethiopica are easily confused with the more widely distributed root-knot nematode M. incognita.

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Sirca, S., G. Urek, and G. Karssen. 2004. First Report of the Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne ethiopica on Tomato in Slovenia. Plant Dis. 88:680; published online as D-2004-0407-01N.