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Subject: Anoplophora chinensis discovered in the Netherlands
Date posted: March 04, 2004
Source: EPPO Reporting Service 2004, No. 1
A single specimen of Anoplophora chinensis, the Citrus longhorned beetle, was found in a potted Japanese maple tree (Acer japonicum) in the Netherlands. A homeowner discovered the adult male beetle. The specimen was smaller than most adult males suggesting it had developed under less than optimal conditions . The tree was purchased from a garden center that had imported a shipment of Acer japonicum from China in May 2003. The infested tree was destroyed while the remaining trees were placed under quarantine. There is no evidence of establishment of A. chinensis in the surrounding area. The declared status of Citrus longhorned beetle in the Netherlands is: Absent with isolated findings traced to import consignments.

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