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Subject: First report of Puccinia lagenophorae Cooke on cineraria in New York
Date posted: September 23, 2003
Source: Disease Notes
In February 2002 the rust, Puccinia lagenophorae Cooke was identified on ornamental cineraria plants in a Suffolk County, New York greenhouse. Common groundsel (S. vulgaris L.) infected with P. lagenophorae was observed growing outside of the greenhouse, and is suspected as the source for the greenhouse infection. Native to Australia and New Zealand, P. lagenophorae is known to infect over 60 host species. This is the first report of P. lagenophorae infecting cineraria in the Americas.

See Disease Notes for the full report: Hernandez, J. R., M. Daughtrey, and J. Jens. 2003. Occurrence of rust disease caused by Puccinia lagenophorae on cineraria in the Americas. Plant Dis. 87:1266; published on-line as D-2003-0725-01N, 2003.