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Subject: 'Citrus Sudden Death' killing Brazilian Citrus trees
Date posted: November 20, 2002
Source: Foreign Agriculture Service and http://www.dailyfutures.com/softs/
An international consultant to Fundecitrus recently called attention to the increasing risks of a new disease known as "Citrus Sudden Death"(CSD) or "morte subita dos citrus". This new disease began attacking groves in the Triangulo Mineiro region and has spread to northern Sao Paulo, leaving behind approximately one million dead trees in just 20 months. The exact identity of the disease is unknown although its distribution patterns are typical of a vectored pathogen. Currently, Brazilian citrus production is about 200 million trees, consisting of mostly Rangpur lime (Citrus limonia) rootstocks. At this point the main difference between Citrus tristeza virus and CSD is that CSD attacks sweet orange/lime