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Subject: Potato powdery scab Spongospora subterranea (Wallr.) Lagerheim f. sp. subterranea confirmed in Costa Rica
Date posted: November 19, 2002
Source: ProMED
Costa Rica confirmed the presence of potato powdery scab Spongospora subterranea (Wallr.) Lagerheim f. sp. subterranean on potatoes from the higher elevation areas of the country. Recently powdery scab has gained more attention as it is the vector of the Potato mop top virus. The fungus has a worldwide distribution and has been especially problematic for Europe. Spores of S. spongospora remain viable for more than 10 years in cool temperate climates. Symptoms include scab-like lesions and cankers on the exterior that decrease market value.
For more information: http://www.pa.ipw.agrl.ethz.ch