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Subject: Common Bean is new host for Pink Seed Disease, Erwinia rhapontici (Millard) Burkh., in Canada
Date posted: October 06, 2002
Source: ProMed and Plant Disease Notes, August 2002 (vol. 86 p.921)
A seed disease typical of wheat and durum, and more recently a pea pathogen in Alberta (Canada) and Montana (US) has now been detected on common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris, in Southern Alberta, Canada. The pathogen is the bacteria Erwinia rhapontici (Millard) Burkh. This detection was found on bean seed samples as pink or pinkish-brown lesions on the seed coat. Great northern (cv. 1140), pink (cv. Viva), and pinto (cv. Othello) beans were infected at low frequencies. Pathogenicity studies found all collected isolates caused lesions on bean plants up to 5cm from the inoculation point.