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Subject: Exotic species of bark beetle discovered in Mississippi (USA)
Date posted: June 07, 2002
An exotic bark beetle, Xylosandrus mutilatus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), not yet recorded from North America is now present and appears to be established in Mississippi (MS), USA. Small numbers of specimens identical to those found this spring have been collected from MS since 1999, but were not submitted for identification. This year, several hundred specimens were collected in one sample. Xylosandrus mutilatus, a species widespread throughout tropical and temperate Asia, is part of a group termed the 'ambrosia beetles'. Female members of this group typically carry and maintain ectosymbiotic fungal spores, disseminating them through their gallery systems to feed developing larvae. In the US, it is not known if, or what kind of damage X. mutilatus will inflict on southern forest ecosystems.

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