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Subject: Two thrips new to Florida and the United States
Date posted: May 16, 2002
Source: FL Division of Plant Industry and USDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory
The FL Division of Plant Industry made two collections of immigrant Thysanoptera in Miami, Psectrothrips n. sp. (Thripidae) and Androthrips ramachandrai Karny (Phlaeothripidae). Both species appear to be established. Three specimens of Psectrothrips, a genus known only from the Neotropical region, were found on Tabebuia pallida (pink trumpet tree; Bignoniaceae) and two specimens of A. ramachandrai were collected from Ficus microcarpa. The genus Androthrips is found in tropical parts of Asia, from Taiwan to India, Australia and Africa, making this detection a new record for the Western Hemisphere.