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Subject: Updates from Invasive Species Forum
Date posted: April 01, 2002
Source: EPPO Reporting Service (2002, No. 2)
The EPPO Reporting Service (2002, No. 2) summarizes some findings presented at the 13th Annual Interagency Research Forum on Gypsy Moth and Other Invasive Species, held in Annapolis, MD (U.S.) on January 15-18, 2002. Included are updates on Anoplophora glabripennis (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in Austria and the U.S.; A. malasiaca in Italy; A. chinensis in Washington State (U.S.); Ophiostoma ulmi and O. novo-ulmi (Dutch Elm Disease); Phytophthora ramorum (Sudden Oak Death; recently reported from southwestern Oregon); and the brown spruce longhorn beetle, Tetropium fuscum, in Nova Scotia.

The EPPO document (2002, No. 2) should soon be available on line at : http://www.eppo.org/PUBLICATIONS/EPPO_RS/reporting_service.html