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Subject: First interception of the Asian pear scab pathogen in the US
Date posted: April 01, 2002
In early March 2002, the Fusicladium state of Venturia nashicola, the causative agent of a serious disease known as Asian pear scab, was detected at the port of Elizabeth, New Jersey (US) in a shipment of 'Ya' pear from China. This interception is the first report of this pest entering the United States. In China and Japan, V. nashicola causes disease in several pear varieties, including Pyrus, ussuriensis, P. pyrifolia, and P. serotina. This fungus should not be confused with the Spilocaea state of Venturia inaequalis which causes apple scab (but may also infect pear) or the Fusicladium state of Venturia pirini, an agent of scab in European pear (Pyrus communis).