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Subject: USDA quarantines for sudden oak death in California and Oregon, U.S.A.
Date posted: March 05, 2002
Source: USDA-APHIS Press Release; Federal Register 2/14/02
Due to the presence of the fungus Phytophthora ramorum, the causal agent of the devastating disease sudden oak death, the USDA-APHIS is quarantining 10 counties in California and a portion of one county in Oregon where the disease occurs. USDA is taking this action on an emergency basis to prevent the spread of P. ramorum to non-infected areas of the United States. Two public hearings, where comments will be accepted, have been scheduled in Petaluma, CA (2/27) and Riverdale, MD (3/27).

See http://www.aphis.usda.gov/lpa/press/2002/02/oakdeath.txt for more information.