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Subject: Two European species of broomrape found in Israel
Date posted: March 01, 2002
Joel, D.M., and Eisenberg, H. 2002. Three Orobanche species newly found on crops in Israel. Phytoparasitica 30(2): 1-4. Found online at http://www.phytoparasitica.org/

Two broomrape, or Orobanche, species native to Europe, described as "occasional weeds", were detected for the first time in Israel. Orobanche amethystea was found parasitizing vetch (Vicia sativa) and Orobanche loricata was detected in ornamental flower gardens on perennial Asteraceae as well as species of Pelargonium. Orobanche spp. parasitize dicotyledonous host plants, attaching to their roots and deriving water and nutrients from them. All species are entirely dependent on their hosts for most of their life cycle (holoparasitic), and some are known to have a "weedy" habit in agricultural cultivation. Any quarantine measures concerning Orobanche are difficult to enforce, due to the small size of the dust-like seeds.