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Subject: Spanish clementine medfly infestation: Recent developments
Date posted: December 20, 2001
All imports of clementines into the U.S. from Spain have been suspended until further notice (previous news story 12/05/2001), and procedures have been implemented to mitigate risk from fruit already on store shelves.

The medfly has been introduced into the continental U.S. more than 20 times between 1929 and the present and subsequently eradicated each time. The U.S. has no established medfly populations today. The cost of each establishment (eradication cost plus industry loss) has ranged between $3 million and $200 million. It is estimated that the cost of an average outbreak today would range between $30-$40 million. For additional details, see http://www.aphis.usda.gov/ppq/clementines.pdf.