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Subject: USDA environmental assessment for the pigeonpea pod fly, Melanagromyza obtusa (Malloch) (Diptera: Agromyzidae), now available
Date posted: 05/27/03
Source: USDA Press Release
An environmental assessment related to the control of pigeonpea pod fly was announced by the USDA on May 23, 2003. This assessment considers the effects of, and alternatives to, the release of a biological control agent to reduce the severity of outbreaks. The pigeonpea pod fly is found throughout the world and attacks legumes such as peas and beans, along with okra and sesame. APHIS proposes the release of parasitic chalcid wasps to control this pest.

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For more information about the pigeonpea pod fly see :
PAS Pest Alert Melanagromyza obtusa (Malloch)
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