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Subject: cucurbit yellow vine disease discovered in Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Date posted: 03/05/02
Wick, R.L., Lerner, J., Pair, S.D., Fletcher, J., Melcher, U., Mitchell, F., and Bruton, B.D. 2001. Detection of cucurbit yellow vine disease in squash and pumpkin in Massachusets. Plant Disease 85(9): pp. 1031)

source found in: EPPO Reporting Service 2001, No. 10

In 1999, commercial fields of summer squash (cucurbita pepo) in Franklin County, Massachusetts were severely affected by the cucurbit yellow vine bacterium, closely related to Serratia marcescens. Disease incidence in these fields reached 100%. In addition, they exhibited large infestations of squash bug (Anasa tristis), currently considered a potential vector of cucurbit yellow vine disease. In 2000, the disease was also observed in Franklin County pumpkin fields. Before these discoveries, the only U.S. occurrence of the disease was known from Oklahoma and Texas.

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