Azolla pinnataR. Brown

An aquatic weed often contaminating aquarium and nursery plants

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Nombre: Azolla pinnata R. Brown
Posición taxonómica:
Plantae*: Pteridophyta: Salviniaceae
Nombre común: mosquito fern; ferny azolla (Australia); water velvet (Africa, N. America); aka-ukikusa (Japan)


Azolla pinnata is a Federal Noxious Weed commonly intercepted as a contaminant in aquatic plants for the aquarium and nursery trades. This attractive "fern" is often found being illegally propagated by unwitting hobbyists and in aquatic commerce.


Azolla pinnata forms dense mats in waterways, which impede water flow, inhibit passage, and clog irrigation pumps. In addition to contaminating shipments, subsequent propagation by people unaware of its prohibited status represents a risk of establishment in the wild. This alga is capable of both vegatative and sexual reproduction. Azolla species are generally capable of doubling their biomass in 2 to 4 days.


Asia; Australasia; Africa

Cuarentenas: This alga is a U.S. Federal Noxious Weed

Estrategias de detección

This plant is likely to be intercepted contaminating shipments of fish or aquatic plants. In addition, it may hitch-hike on agricultural equipment.


* Placed in Protista by some workers

Azolla pinnata grows in symbiosis with cyanobacteria (Anabaena), allowing it to grow in aquatic areas deficient in nitrogen.

Otro tipo de información:

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