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Subject: Mealybug threatens the humid warm climate regions of North America
Publicada: June 04, 2002
Source: APHIS PPQ Center for Plant Health Science and Technology
The Pacific mealybug (PacM), Planococcus minor, a native of southeast Asia, has spread through the Pacific Islands and Australia and is now expanding its range in Central and South America and the Caribbean basin. In addition, PacM is found in Mexico (1992), Bermuda (1990), and the U.S. Virgin Islands (1989). The mealybug's distribution indicates that it is a potential threat to humid tropical and warm climate regions in the continental US, where it has yet to be recorded. The host range of PacM encompasses over 240 different species of plants in numerous families, including species important as crops and ornamentals. Primary agricultural hosts include potato (Solanum tuberosum), taro (Colocasia esculenta), mango (Mangifera indica), and grape (Vitis vinifera).