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Subject: Another invasive species of Spartina found in Washington State (USA)
Publicada: January 24, 2002
Source: Environmental News Network
Spartina densiflora, an invasive aquatic cordgrass native to Chile, has been discovered growing in Gray's Harbor, Washington State, USA, having been previously reported from parts of California. Spartina densiflora is part of a group of noxious aquatic weeds infesting both US coasts and joins three other species of Spartina found in western Washington. This weed, as with other Spartina, has the potential to degrade habitat for shorebirds, fish and wetland plants, and damage the shellfish industry.

Link to the article on enn.com can be found at http://www.enn.com/news/enn-stories/2002/01/01232002/s_46186.asp