Notificaciones oficiales de plagas

Las Organizaciones Nacionales de Protección Fitosanitaria de la región de la NAPPO proporcionan las Notificaciones oficiales de plagas. Dichas notificaciones tienen la finalidad de cumplir con la norma de la Convención Internacional de Protección Fitosanitaria sobre Notificación de plagas, aprobada por la Comisión Interina de Medidas Fitosanitarias en marzo de 2002:

USA Flag Lymantria dispar (Gypsy Moth) - APHIS adds County in Virginia to the regulated area in the United States.
Publicada: 04/13/2017
Persona de contacto: Paul Chaloux, National Policy Manager, at 301-851-2064.

Effective immediately, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is adding Wythe County in Virginia to the list of regulated areas for the gypsy moth (GM). The GM population in the county has reached the threshold to trigger the regulated area.

To prevent the further spread of GM, a Federal Order establishes Wythe County in Virginia as a regulated area. Effective immediately, all interstate movement of GM-regulated articles from Wythe County must be handled in accordance to the Federal Order. Virginia has established a parallel state quarantine.

GM is a highly destructive insect of approximately 300 species of trees and shrubs. The GM program prescribes conditions for the interstate movement of regulated articles from GM quarantine areas. The federal and state partnership limits the establishment of GM outside the quarantine area that would result from human-assisted movement of the pest. We appreciate the cooperative relationship with Virginia in the effort to limit the spread of this pest.

Under IPPC standards, Lymantria dispar is a pest that is present: only in some areas and subject to official control in the United States.